Here’s what our clients have to say



Porga Ntsaluba

Communications Manager

“The only thing better than having a vision, is having a vision that others see and yearn as much as you do, to see it realised. That’s what the Heart FM team do best! Working with the team has made our Scheme’s member communication efforts so much more meaningful. Their service-oriented and hunger to get involved approach, makes the job of any in-house marketer that much easier. Now who doesn’t want that in a partner?”



Lyle Irwin


“Using Heart’s platform surely created awareness to the broader Cape region. In today’s day and age, people tend to be sceptical, especially when it involves their most prized asset(s). Property.

I can affirm, ever since we’ve been advertising on Heart, it somehow created peace-of-mind to those enquiring about our product and business. That’s merely as a result of the association with Heart FM. We have also doubled our business intake. Thank You Heart FM.”



John Lloyd

Business Growth Strategist

6 Convincing Reasons Why an Award-Winning Marketer and Media Strategist Chooses Heart FM as The No.1 Advertising Option In Radio

“Smart local business owners or managers focus on making their company name known throughout the Cape Town communities they represent. Branding doesn’t mean trying to predict when a listener might need a specific product or service; branding means consistently and effectively advertising with frequency to ensure listeners immediately think of your business or service when the need arises. Why do I choose Heart FM for my campaigns?”

  1. #1 in Reach: Heart FM reaches more Capetonians than any other commercial radio station.
  2. #1 in Loyalty: Nearly 6 out of 10 Heart FM listeners only listen to Heart FM.
  3. Results: Campaign after campaign on Heart FM has achieved top-class sales results.
  4. Response: With an audience of 734 000, you have the best response opportunity possible.
  5. Affordability and Value: Heart FM is the most cost-effective radio station in Cape Town.
  6. Attitude: The sales team is creative, flexible and fast. They deliver out-of-the-box solutions.

“Heart FM delivers the strongest advantages, best value, powerful results and response, and outstanding value for my campaigns and clients. What sets them apart is personal attention and service – they have my best interest at heart.”


MSD Construction

Sedick Daniels


“Firstly, I would like to thank you on behalf of MSD owners , management and staff for your assistance with everything pertaining to our advert. It is still a “Gooseflesh not bumps” moment when we hear it on what is MY favourite Radio Station.

Thanks for your VIP treatment which really makes me feel special and proud to be associated with Heart FM – Long may this continue.

And lastly, against my “football “morals, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and joy at the wonderful concept and production that the, “ONLY CHELSEA FAN I EVER HOPE TO HAVE TO SAY THIS TO” in conjunction with his team conjured up.

We love it and yes Kaapstad…MSD is on HEART FM!!!! Thanks a Million”



Rashmita Davechand

Brand Manager of Tibb Division

“Thank you so much and I truly appreciate it, it has been nothing but bliss since day one working with Heart FM. I can certainly say that the Heart team definitely has their clients at heart. From my nagging to my happy moments, it’s always a pleasure knowing that whatever I do with you is treasured.

This relationship will continue while I am still at Nativa and even one day after I leave, Heart will always be the station for Stress Away and we will never forget that!”


Resolve and Change Systems

Kirsten Arendse

Marketing and Communications Manager

“On behalf of Resolve and Change Systems (RACS), I would like to extend our great word of thanks for providing us with the opportunity to grow our business and our brand. We greatly appreciate the gesture of increasing our frequency and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Heart Fm thus far.

We have seen amazing results and responses, adding quite a number of new clients to our books. We would also like to extend a personal thank you to Clarence Ford for taking the time to interview our CEO. This is a conversation and field of work we are extremely passionate about and we are thankful for the opportunity to share this dialogue with the rest of the Western Cape, particularly during this time.

We would also like to thank Liezel for handling our campaign with great efficacy and for always assisting diligently whenever requested. It has made the whole process so smooth and we are very impressed with the professionalism shown.

As we have received such a great response as a result of the interview, we would like to look at possibly doing more interviews. We understand that this is a separate campaign/cost and are open to what Heart is able to suggest.

It has been such a pleasure working with Heart, we are excited for what the future will bring and we look forward to hearing from you soon.”



Johan Dreyer


“You guys rock and we have come to love the brand.”


Melomed Head Office

Shameema Adams

Group Marketing Manager

“May our partnership with Heart FM grow from strength to strength.”


Sun International

Gareth Flusk

Sun International Events & Entertainment Manager

“To the Official Radio Partner of the Sun Met,

Thank you for the kind note and I must say thanks to you from Sun International and the Sun Met Organisers.

You have been part of this journey of growing the brand back to where we believe it should be – and the potential that it possess. Thank you for being such great partners with respect to offering up your talent, your airtime and your resources to get The Sun Met back into the consciousness of Cape Town and onto the social calendar or South Africa.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your support and willingness to make this work. Our partnership is one that I look for forward to developing into something which is synonymous to Sun Met.”