We know every single lyric to Baby, Justin Bieber is back with his new hit single Yummy. Heart throbbing teenage girls since the age of 13 is our Justin Bieber. He made you blush when you were younger too, don’t fight it.

Canadian singer songwriter has dropped the hit single Yummy on the 3rd of January. Once again making all of us going gaga for him. Super Belieber fan, Parris Goebel and friends created a dance video to Yummy to show off their moves. This video was then released on the 6th of January.

Paris and her Beliebers in 2015 made a video to Justin Bieber’s Sorry. Getting over 12 million likes, Paris and her crew are on their way with their dance Yummy video. With 204K likes and 4,581,926 views currently.

The video has gained so much coverage that there is a Yummy dance challenge. With just two weeks into the New Year, we see new dance moves coming through. Will 2020 be the year for dance moves? We love to see it!

Link to Yummy Video: