Sunrise 07:19 & Sunset 18:06

Cape metro and flats – still a cold  wintery start to the mornings. 10 degrees on the cape flats climbing to a young 19 degrees maximum. The Cape Doctor SE pumping again at 29km/h – partly cloudy this morning. Similar conditions in the metro and surrounds, clearing up by this morning, no rain forecast.

Similar condition along the false bay coast.

In the Boland, lows of between 10 and 12 degree for this morning, maximums in the low 20s – wind dying down slightly towards the interior to under 20km/h. A clear sky day in this region.

In this Overberg, chilly bites of 8 degrees this morning, more temperate along the coastal areas at 12 degrees – cloudy this morning, with highs of only 20 degrees, clear skies by this afternoon.

In the Breede River valley, similar temperatures as the Overberg, however, less wind, in fact it’s more of a gentle breeze forecast in this area.

Along the West Coast, very similar temperatures and wind speeds forecast for this area – warmer towards the interior with highs of 25. Clear skies.

Outlook for the weekend:

Perfect outdoor weather forecast for nature lovers, runners, hikers and cyclists – cooler on Saturday with a min. of 12 and max of 21, hardly any wind forecast – clear skies.

A beautiful warm Sunday on the card according to the weather office, lows of 15, maximums temps of 29 degrees – clear skies.

Apparently, these conditions with roll on into Monday, but will come with a moderate wind.