Many studies have shown that on Sundays most people start to feel depressed. Maybe you’ve felt it. Work is coming. The weekend is over and it wasn’t all you imagined it would be. The pressure of another week of performance begins to hit early. There are hundreds of reasons why, but Sunday afternoon and evening is generally a downer.

No wonder Monday seems to be so, well… Monday.

There may be no more important night to get rest than Sunday night, and no better remedy for Sunday blues than a solid night’s sleep. The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying, “Sleep is the best form of meditation.

On the flip side, do NOT hit the snooze button. By hitting the snooze button, you are telling your body “false alarm!” That results in a more groggy and slow wake up than if you just went ahead and got up when the alarm goes off. Monday is enough of a drag on its own. Hitting snooze only digs a deeper hole for you to climb out of.

Here are a few tips to take on your Monday in a more positive light:-

  1. Sleep but don’t snooze ( Don’t give your body a “false alarm”)
  2. Get Physical (exercise not only motivates and improves work performance, but also pulls us out of a slump)
  3. Keep email in check until you get to the office (The beginning of the week is the time when you set your mental state for the week. Stay focused on the big projects ahead and devote brain power there)
  4. Never quit (or make big decisions) on a Monday (Making major decisions on the day when you’re down can have serious consequences. Most big decisions can wait until Tuesday, particularly if you start to shape your schedule around the idea.)