Today is your little ones first day of school. What a milestone? Just a year or two ago they struggled to pronounce words. Our babies are no longer babies. No, we aren’t crying, you’re crying.

The best way to look at things is to see it as a new venture for your little one. We always want the best for them. But with all new ventures there is change. Change may be scary and different but so rewarding. Those nerves that they experience will eventually get over as they start to make new friendships. Have a look at some of the emotions you might be feeling as the parent/s of these not so little ones.


Bring the tissues, we’re shedding lots of tears as we see our little one go in. Make sure to hold in those tears till they have gone inside. Don’t let them see you cry. Feeling like you are letting your little human into this world and crying about it is perfectly natural. You have been with them since birth. Don’t worry, they will be running into your arms soon after the school day.


Yes, they are at school under the supervision of teachers but anything can happen. Is my child safe? Is my child happy? Is my child making any friends? Is my child sick? All totally normal questions to wrack your brain around. Good news, if there is any problem, the school will notify you.


Our job as parents is to make sure our little humans are decent enough to add value to this world. We worry sometimes about if we are doing the right thing as parent/s. If your kid has made it this far in life, you’ve made it! Well done on getting this far. It looked a bit dark sometimes but you have done it!

Dust yourself off and polish those shoes every day for this new chapter. You have got this!