On Monday we spoke to social worker, Ian Veary, who works at the Carpenters Workshop who serve Cape Town’s homeless. We promised to put in the spotlight some organisations doing their best to uplift the destitute in our city, with the hope that it will remind us of those who are not having the happy family gatherings and not sharing in the joy of the season.

Another one of those projects we were informed about is Ladles of Love. Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding hungry people. Their soup kitchens feed the homeless of Cape Town every week, while other projects provide food to struggling schools, students and communities.

Founder and trustee of Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto, joins us in studio.

Founder and trustee, Danny Diliberto, was born in Zimbabwe. He moved to South Africa as a teenager where he discovered his lifelong passion for food. Born into an Italian family, food was a huge part of his early years – and so cooking, feeding and making people feel welcome all came naturally to Danny and led him into a career in food. As a restaurateur and manager of a Doppio Zero restaurant, feeding homeless people seemed like a logical starting point to Danny. He was determined to create a new kind of soup kitchen—powered by love and offering comfort to fellow humans who have temporarily lost their way. When he’s not in the restaurant or running a soup kitchen, you’ll find him trail running or climbing on his beloved mountain. 

Support and get involved, visit www.ladlesoflove.org.za