World Radio Day

Annually, World Radio day is on the 13th of February. Celebrate World Radio Day with us. Radio is such a powerful platform with a rich history. We listen to our radios in our cars and we have it on just about every media device.

World Radio Day was founded in 1946 by the Director-General of UNESCO. A day dedicated to the awareness that radio is important.

Each year World Radio has a theme. This year’s theme is… Turn up the volume on the radio. The theme is ‘Radio and Diversity’. Radio brings about the scene of humanity intercultural competence and citizenship.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why radio is just so crucial:

  1. Radio is totally free. A free source of entertainment and information.
  2. There are several genres with different styles to pick from.
  3. Radio is easy to stream. It can be streamed anywhere in the world.
  4. Radio is a source of information. With news, traffic and sport we are spoilt rotten.
  5. You can listen to radio in your car and multitask.