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World Oceans Day is observed every year on 8 June to create awareness among human beings of the benefits it has enjoyed from the ocean so far. The day highlights the need and necessity to protect oceans from further deterioration.

As the ocean is home to most of the earth’s biodiversity, we as humans must create a new balance and build a connection that is inclusive, innovative, and useful for the ocean and the life inside it.

The oceans cover approximately 70% of the earth’s surface, including plants, animals, and other organisms. The ocean areas fill several basins on the Earth’s surface that keep the planet warm by providing 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen.

This year, the theme of World Ocean Day is ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’. Owing to the pandemic, all the celebrations today will happen virtually.

What are you doing to help protect our oceans? What are some of the changes you can actively do to help?