Kindness Day was born when a collection of humanitarian groups came together on November 13, 1997, and made a “Declaration of Kindness”. Likewise, on Kindness Day everyone is encouraged to make a similar declaration. Donating books, food, or clothes to your local community is a great way to celebrate.

However, pledging to commit just one act of kindness is no less worthwhile: hold the door open for a stranger, compliment your neighbour on their collection of garden gnomes, let your partner have control of the TV remote for the evening.

Helps With Stress

Yes, that’s right been kind to others means you are less likely to be stressed. People who are kind all the time produce 23% less cortisol, the stress hormone. This means that people who practice kindness age much slower than the average population, because of lower stress levels, it really does pay to be kind.

Fun Facts About World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day began after the founding of the World Kindness Movement. It was their goal and hope to start a day that would be able to raise the awareness of the importance of kindness to as many people across the world as possible. Uniting people across the globe.

The sole purpose of this day is “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.” It’s a day to learn, teach, and share your kindness with others.

So, where does the word kindness come from? Its root originates from the Old English word “kyndnes,” which is a derivative from the Middle English word “kindenes,” which means “courtesy.”

Activities You Could Get Involved In On Kindness Day

The trend with this day is for you to commit around three random acts fo kindness to others.

Some of the activities you could do include:

  • Giving compliments- Smile at strangers passing by, hold open a door, give up your seat on public transport, or compliment someone sincerely on something they have done or have changed such as wearing a new top or new hair cut. Even these small gestures are a nice way of showing kindness to others.
  • Give extra long hugs- Sometimes people just need that extra little bit of care, so if you give out any hugs today make them extra long and meaningful. Connections and kindness go hand-in-hand. You may find that some people wonder what’s got into you, but they will certainly appreciate it.
  • Write a love letter or poem- This is a great one for your significant other half. We can often take them for granted so show your kindness in a letter or poem.