“The idea of the Touch LESS came about from experiencing the anxiety of going out into public to do grocery runs. We need to open doors, touch trolleys, carry baskets, select products from shelves, touch speed point machines, and then pay for parking at the pay station. All these tasks require us to touch multiple surfaces that many other customers and store staff have touched that day or will touch later that day,” says Tinsley.

Made from sturdy Birch Plywood the Touch LESS is a versatile hook and push tool that allows you to minimise direct skin contact with high traffic surfaces,” he explains.

Tinsley developed a few basic handmade prototypes in his home garage to see what would work both functionally and aesthetically. Once lockdown lifted to level 4 he was able to return to his manufacturing studio to develop and refine the Touch LESS to the tool it is now.

Developing the tool meant Tinsley would be able to generate an income as well as do his bit to help flatten the curve.

In the Tinsley family, the virus has had a heavy impact. “My sister is currently battling breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, so she is at an extremely high risk-level. My elderly parents, who are still working, are also high risk.”

Tinsley concludes that the Touch LESS minimizes the potential risk of contracting and spreading the COVID19 virus as well as other harmful germs and bacteria. “This tool could also potentially have an impact on the front line reducing the need to regularly change PPE equipment such as gloves.”