Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.

Good Movement’s premier candidate, Patricia De Lille, joins us on the line…


Politics as usual has failed our beautiful country. Now is a GOOD time to fix South Africa. Our GOOD leaders used their experience and expertise, together with NGOs, business and industry experts, and our GOOD community representatives from across South Africa to unite and work on a plan to fix our country’s critical challenges. The GOOD Plan to #FIXSA is based on proven solutions that will solve South Africa’s key problems. 4 Keys areas:

  1. Spatial Justice: •GOOD commits to redressing apartheid spatial planning and the unequal access to jobs, housing, land, tenure and transport that resulted from separating our society based on skin colour. •GOOD will fight to undo this legacy of racism.
  2. Economic Justice • Governments cannot create jobs. The role and responsibility of government is to create the conditions for economic growth, investment, new businesses and new jobs. • GOOD will restore stability and confidence in government. • We will build the infrastructure and create the policy certainty that allows South Africa to compete more effectively for the investment that leads to the creation of new businesses. • Economic growth must create jobs for those who are currently unemployed. • Training and education must develop the skills needed for the industries of the future.
  3. Social Justice •GOOD commits to ensuring equitable treatment of all people in South Africa. Gender bias, racial discrimination and unfair privilege must end so that South Africa can achieve real democracy and a fully united and equitable society. We must build a united South Africa. •Our independent Chapter 9 State Institutions that support Constitutional Democracy, must play a greater role in tackling the structural inequalities in our society. •Social justice also means equitable access to quality education, and ensure fair and equal pay for equal work.
  4. Environmental Justice •Climate change is real and is impacting our economy, food security and the environment. None of us can escape the consequences of rising temperatures and changing weather patterns. It is the poor and vulnerable citizens in developing countries who are most impacted by climate change. •GOOD will tackle climate change, uphold animal and environmental rights, help cities to implement emissions and waste reduction plans, ensure appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures and accelerate national emissions reductions including the move to cheaper, renewable energy sources.

Listen to the interview here: