Many of us look after our health. We try to eat well, exercise regularly and try to maintain a healthy weight, but how many of us think about looking after our feet? Feet are the first parts of our bodies to age and when our feet are unhealthy, it can impact our general well being. Foot ailments can prevent us from staying limber and fit and this can affect our fitness and health. Despite their distance from our hearts, the condition of our feet can impact our health in quite serious ways


Yoga is beneficial for our entire body, but it can be particularly helpful for strengthening the muscles and tendons in our feet. Foot yoga poses include those that require conscious spreading of our toes and even distribution of weight across the entire foot.

Scrubbing dry skin

Having dry and cracked skin on your feet, particularly the heels can be a cosmetic problem or it can become a more serious medical issue and cause infection. Daily care of the skin on our feet can become part of our usual routine and doesn’t have to be a burden. Just scrubbing the dry hard skin and applying a good quality foot cream may be enough to help keep the feet soft.

Clean and dry your feet properly

It is important to wash your feet regularly and dry them thoroughly. Doing this reduces your risk of picking up a bacterial infection. Most bacterial infections like a damp environment, so it is especially important to dry your feet properly. If you use the showers at the gym make sure to wear flip flops and dry your feet properly. Once you’ve added cream to your feet and allow to drive.

Cut your nails regularly

Surprisingly, many of the problems people have with their feet starts with their nails. If you get an infection in one of your toenails, it can be difficult to treat. In time, that infection can lead to you losing a nail, which in the long term can be very painful. Make sure to cut your toenails properly and treat any sores asap to avoid any complications.

Wear the right footwear

This is very important, buying and wearing the right footwear is also important for foot health. Wearing heels occasionally will not harm your feet, but wearing them everyday definitely will. Over time, your feet will become distorted. In addition, when you are older, you are far more likely to suffer from painful feet.