Full of scratches, scrapes and bruises with a toy in hand is how we perceived playtime. But now we hardly see a kid in sight. Where did they all go? Children’s independent free play has diminished significantly in recent decades. Here’s why:

Child-like characteristics

As parents are kids are our responsibility and we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our precious angels. Studies have shown that some parents don’t allow their kids to play outside as a safety risk due to them not being,” streetwise”. The older the kids get the worse it gets. More so for girls as they are considered to be more at risk according to studies.

Parent restrictions

The parental worry kicks in when it comes to your kid, always. Parents are constantly worried about strangers, bullies, teenagers, and traffic that are big barriers to independent active free play. Back in the good old days us as parents would stay out late and find our own means to destinations. As for right now parents are setting limits on where their kids can go and when they have to be home. They drive them to their destinations, or they only permit them to play if they are with friends, or they insist that their children carry cell phones.

Neighborhood unsafe

Times have changed and there are fewer places for recreation when it comes to kids. Some neighborhoods are also not the safest when it comes to our kids. Unsavory characters roaming around.

Society change

Society has changed drastically from when we were kids. There is less of a sense of community. No support and trust among families and children in neighborhoods. This distrust then results in kids not playing outside.

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