Both cinemas and accommodation services were given permission to open once again. Theatre’s are also allowed to re-open barring that there may not be more than 50 people. Casinos may open under strict health protocols, beauty parlours and hairdressers may open too.

Restaurants are allowed to open for sit in services as well, the President told the nation that many regulations would ease up a bit in order for this industry to get back up and running again. Because of lockdown level 3 and 4, businesses have been suffering badly.


Restaurants will have to obey some strict guidelines once they allow the public back onto the premises.

  • Restaurants must limit the number of customers who can use a sit-in service. Although yet to be confirmed, some sources suggest they will be allowed to operate at 70%.
  • Staff will be responsible for ensuring that patrons socially distance, and must enforce the 1.5m rule.
  • The National Coronavirus Command Council will soon clarify rules on cutlery, hygiene, and when alcohol can be served.