They are charming

People born in this month are considered as nice charming individuals. They know how to speak and are convincing. This can be tricky, but still, others take them as unique and endearing and fun to be around.

They are open-minded

People born in September are very tolerant and understanding. They are known as the individuals who are no judgemental people and who respect others views and beliefs. They are open-minded and always give a reasonable opinion on everything. You can easily trust them and be sure they will tell the truth. Sometimes they are too honest, but this is because they always tell what they feel.

They love everything

People born in this month are very grateful for everything. They can be appreciative of everything in life, even the smallest of things. They appreciate both a great thing or even just a compliment! Every kind word, behaviour and surprise will make them very thankful for everything and truly grateful. But what is important, they don’t take anything for granted and appreciate anything or anyone that walks into their life.

They are over-thinkers

People born in September always need to think everything through. They will not take a step or make any decision without over thinking about it first. They always consider a million possibilities and every time ‘what ifs’ will go through their heads. Sometimes it is annoying because their careful decisions always lead to the right ones. And because of that they rarely got into troubles.