It has been said that individuals are born in October, if you look back to the history you will find this fact true, as the legends like ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and ‘Christopher Columbus’ were born in the month of October.

If you too were born in October you may want to know some interesting facts about yourself.

1 They Are Mesmerizing

They live with a charm and their magnetic nature attracts everyone around. Whether you talk about looks, understanding capacity or the IQ, they will mesmerize you in all.

2. They Are Peace-Loving And Harmonious

These gentle personalities are peace-loving. They are friendly in nature and love to be in a calmer and quieter surrounding. You rarely found them with any foes.

3. They Are Optimistic

People born in October are highly optimistic, they never lose hope and always try to reach their goals no matter how adverse the circumstances are.

4. They Are Biggest Day Dreamers You Ever Meet

October born people happen to be one of the biggest daydreamers you’ll ever meet. They love to live in their imaginary world and often refuses the reality. They don’t need too many people around them as they themselves are enough. They are deep thinkers too.

5. They Are Achievement Oriented

October peeps are known to be achievement oriented. They tend to be passionate about their work and whatever they do, they do it with great spirit. They never leave anything midway, and try to accomplish every task.