People born in November are so different from others. They are so unique that it’s hard to find someone like them. What makes them different is that they do things their own way.

Being creative is not at all easy. But November people are extremely creative and it all comes naturally. You know; they don’t sit & think. In their case, their mind keeps working and they keep creating things in their mind.

Not many are blessed with convincing powers. November born people are blessed with it and can easily convince people into doing things. Good or bad depends, but isn’t it cool? I mean, I’ve met people who really want this superpower.November born people are very confident. They can make others confident as well. You know; self-confident is a must thing and November people uses it as a great tool. They’ll voice their opinion. Whether you like ‘em or not, November born people will make sure that they let others know what’s right and wrong. Not just that but they also stand up for others.

They’ll never tell you why they’re so sad but they also cannot hide their emotions. You know, they’re strong and equally soft at times.

They have immense quality and talent to be successful. However, they often get distracted by the negative traits they have. But if they control their feeling and negative aspects, then they can be as successful as no one.

People born in November are very tricky people and they are unique. The majority of their characteristics depend upon how they want to live their life.

1. They are loyal

2. They are good looking

3. They are hardworking

4. They are calm and collected

5. They have their own rules

6. They need their space