As the festive season begins to cheer our moods, families and relations, we have taken a step further to understand how extra special is the month of December for all those souls who are born during this month.

December people are generally loved by all. The people born between December 1st and 21st are controlled by the star sign name Sagittarius. From the 22nd of December to 31st December, the Capricorn sign controls the life and thoughts of a December baby.

Below we have compiled a set of qualities that can make any Sagittarius and Capricorn happy. Also, we have lent an idea of the unwary and dark side of these December stars.

December born are the charmers as they have this trait of bringing a place alive with their jokes and smile. They wear that big smile on their face most of the times and that is how people start recognising them. They are attractive personalities and have a very gentle heart as well. They take their responsibilities very seriously and perform them sincerely with that smile always in place. Following are some of the qualities of people born in December.

When they find themselves in a relationship they behold it with all the love in their heart and are very true to their partners. Commitment means the world to them. Their relationships might also become tough for the same reason because they expect the same level of commitment but work thing out to fix problems.

  1. They Are Down-To-Earth And Friendly
  2. They Have Honesty On Their Priority List
  3. They Are A Hidden Treasure Of Talents
  4. They Love To Stay Organised
  5. They Have Compassion For Others
  6. They Are Said To Be Quite Lucky