The implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education will not only be inappropriate for pupils from Grade 4, but teachers will also not be comfortable teaching the curriculum. This is according to the South Africa Teachers Union‘s operational director Johan Kruger.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education has been in the spotlight following a media report that from next year, textbooks for Grade 4 to 12 learners would include a curriculum approach that treats:

  • masturbation.
  • sexual consent.
  • gender nonconformity.
  • Single-parent families as mainstream.

Additionally, the purported document showed that learners in grade 10 and 11 would be learning about “various sexual orientations” and transgender people. As well as Grade 9 learners would learn how to correctly use both the female and male condom.  The department says there’s nothing new in the curriculum, the only new stuff is the teaching guidelines on how to give the lessons.

  • As a parent, do you consider this subject matter grossly inappropriate as stated by SATU, or is it vital that we teach our kids, accurately, about sexual education! And do you appreciate this new teaching guideline as parents?
    • What did sexual education consist of when you were in school?

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