Western Cape health authorities are confident that the province can reach herd immunity by end of the year.

However, this will depend on the continuous supply of vaccines to the country over the next few months.

More than 3.5 million people in the province should be fully vaccinated in order for the province to reach heard immunity.

The health department says more 960,000 doses have been administered so far, and nearly 300,000 are full vaccinated.

Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete, says we need Johnson and Johnson vaccines to reach herd immunity quickly.

“There more vaccines we do,  the quicker we get to full vaccination. If we use Johnson and Johnson vaccines the quicker we get there.  Currently we are using a lot of Pfizer vaccines, which we have to administer two doses. But if there’re more Johnson and Johnson vaccines available, and using single doses the quicker we get there”.