Western Cape Education MEC, Debbie Schäfer says her department is addressing the shortage of Mathematics and Physical Science teachers at some provincial schools.

Schäfer says in April this year her department conducted a survey of schools across the Western Cape.

At the time, the findings indicated that between Grade 10 to 12; 15 teachers were needed for Mathematics and 11 for Physical Science.

The MEC has reiterated that they turned down the assistance of Cuban specialists, because costs were simply too high for such a short programme.

Schäfer says they don’t mind the importing of specialists, because they’re needed.

“We don’t really mind where they come from. We agree that there’re many people from other countries who can make a good contribution. Unfortunately, the ANC national government has put measure in place to make it extremely difficult for them get work permits in South Africa. They make exceptional circumstances which we find unfortunate. Of course this doesn’t apply to Cubans who get special access to our country”.

[Picture Credit: News24]