Raising strong, caring and respectful sons within a rugby family

You are invited to join us in our Zoom room on Thursday 20 August at 19h30 for the third episode of Women in Rugby webinar series, sponsored by Brighrock and in aid of the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund.

Our guests this week are Bridget van Zyl, mother of Anton, Nicholas and Chris who have all succeeded on the rugby field locally and internationally. Her husband, Mike, was also a provincial cricket and rugby player and has carried those sporting values into their parenting style. Bridget says she has been the provider of love and Pronutro, which has proven a strong recipe with all three sons succeeding both academically and on the sports field.

Janine Habana, while in the earlier stages of parenting in comparison to Bridget, has been the home-base for one of the world’s most recognized rugby players and their two beautiful sons. In her journey alongside Bryan, she has experienced and embraced a life in a foreign country, moved home and has done all of this within a strong rugby community.

Tickets are FREE for this webinar, so please join us and have your eyes opened to a side of rugby growing rapidly throughout the world. Please register/book your place to ensure that you receive a complimentary Zoom link.

This Women in Rugby series forms part of the extraordinary fundraising efforts that the Players’ Fund are having to venture into as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to ensure that they remain available to their 107 recipients.

We look forward to you joining us in support of this great rugby cause. See you on Thursday evening!

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