It’s Wellness Wednesday’s and what better way to celebrate than with some wellness tips? The middle of the week will have your energy and momentum slowly draining. Keep your eye on these sweet tips. Let’s get into it!

  1. Chew your food

Rushing to get onto the next task or appointment will sometimes have you not chewing properly. Chewing is the first step to healthy digestion. Do you ever feel that stomach ache after you’ve just eaten? Slow down and take your time to chew, It’ll help you realise that you are full sooner.

  1. Sit down to eat

Time isn’t always on our side; we have lunch at our desks more regularly than we should. We see you eating in the car, while standing up and in front of the TV.  We our missing those meal times at the table. Urging you to sit at a table and have your meals.

  1. Drink water

Studies have shown that 8 glasses of water need to be had. We sometimes realize at the end of the day that we haven’t even touched a glass of water. Coffee, food and sugar sweetened beverages are not water. We need to stay hydrated with water. Carry your water bottle around with you.

  1. Get a move on

Many of us stay seated in a chair for majority of the day at our desks and then whilst travelling home. We need to move around and get going. Daily exercise. Even if it a walk during your lunch break after your lunch.

  1. Head to bed

Late nights and early mornings seems to be the norm for working people. Studies show that you need to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. Sound like there is too little time in the day. Sleep will affect your productivity. Brains, brains are what you will need as you’ll be a walking zombie.

Let’s make this Wednesday count!