This morning Irma G spoke to Ivan Botha, writer and director of the South African movie – Stroomop. The movie is about self-discovery, forgiveness, healing and acceptance. As a team, they travelled daily with their characters on this life-changing journey of survival and discovered all the wonderful and difficult elements of being a woman. Together they swam rivers, climbed mountains, rowed the toughest rapids and sometimes it was terrifying, but with each stroke upstream, they became stronger and braver.

Stroomop follows the lives of five very unique, very diverse women who are all trying to keep their heads above water on this river we call life, but who are actually busy drowning under the weight of the definition of being perfect. Perfect mother, perfect woman, perfect career, perfect weight, perfect hair. The story encourages women to be happy with who they are, to accept the things they cannot change and to learn more ways of self-love.
The movie is currently being screened at the cinema near you, be sure to give it a watch!