South Africa has many well-run municipalities, but equally, there are those that are struggling because of poor management, corruption or a lack of adequate resources.

People participate in local government firstly by voting in municipal elections and secondly, by exercising their right to be involved in the running of the municipality, being aware of the municipality’s plans for development, knowing who their ward councillor is and how to contact him or her.

These actions will all contribute to the ability of residents to hold municipalities to account in the provision of essential services and development of the local economy, and ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely and efficiently.

For all to enjoy a brighter future, the lives of all citizens need to be improved; administration, economic and social development, and service delivery need to be prioritised, especially in those areas most in need!

So go out there and vote! Let there be ink on thumbs for days. Wear it proudly. Be part of South Africa’s democracy.

Date: Wednesday 8 May 2019

Here’s where to VOTE in Cape Town:-