“Stop the kuiering and braais for now” – Heart FM’s resident MD, Dr Darren Green, checks in with Aden Thomas for the weekly COVID-19 update.

Dr Green shares insights from a medical practice perspective and also shares certain behind the scenes aspects of how the medical fraternity is gearing up for a possible escalation of the infection rate in South Africa.

Take a listen to the podcast of the interview here:

Dr Green also emphasises the importance of minimising the amount of time spent with people at home, work and in public spaces – maintaining safe social distancing, by cutting back on regular social behaviours.

“The chance that you are likely to infect how many other people, if you get a viral infection. (RO = gauging how contagious an infectious disease is) For this virus we are looking at between 2,5 and 4 – meaning 1 person has the ability to spread it to up to 3 other people and as we get this community transferred infection, right now, this number can go up significantly to even 6 and that’s where is starts becoming a problem. So that’s why you shouldn’t be having street braais and shouldn’t be shopping in shopping centres – it’s to minimise that RO.” ~ Dr Darren Green

Advice from the Doctor to boost the immunity:

– Sleep enough
– Eat properly
– Smokers, cut down.
– Decrease consumption of large amounts of alcohol, as it it suppresses your immune system