Do you and your other half have favourite songs that you love to listen to together? Whether you’re starting out or whether you have been together for years. We all have those special songs that spark up the love. With valentine’s day a day away, why not make a playlist for the happy couple? Here are a few reasons why couples that listen to music together stay together:

  1. Music is fun

Whether you’re washing the dishes with your lover or just sitting in the car. Music makes those mundane activities fun. Have a little dance while the music is pumping. Carpool karaoke anyone?

  1. Music comes with identity

We all have our own taste in music and we rub off on each other. That is bound to happen with you and your other half.

  1. Learning curve

You can learn a lot about someone by listening to their music taste. What they like, what they aspire to be like – such a beautiful conversation to have with your lover.

  1. Setting the mood

Music sets the mood for some extracurricular activities ;). Wink, wink – nudge, nudge!

  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Hearing those songs play on the radio or on shuffle that makes you think of your person. Perhaps a special memory that you are fond of?

  1. Music makes you feel better

Playing surprise music that your significant other knows you like when they’re not in a great mood, could help change their mood and can show how well your partner really knows you.