First and foremost, the purpose of National Making Life Beautiful Day is to celebrate those who make life beautiful for others — be it our own or a larger group of people. The truly freeing part is that you often do not even realise when or how you are creating beauty in the life of another. You could be investing in relationships, or lobbying for causes you feel strongly about, or just encouraging someone when they feel blue — these are all beautiful actions that are bound to have a ripple effect. The word beauty itself is so vast that essentially everyone deserves to be celebrated on this day, just for adding beauty to the life of at least one other person in some subjective way.


  1. Watch a ‘beautiful’ movie

    Gather your loved ones and plan a movie night, based on movies with the word ‘beautiful’ or ‘beauty’ in their titles. To get the ball rolling, we have a few (highly recommended) inspiring suggestions — “Life is Beautiful,” “A Beautiful Mind,” or “Beauty and the Beast.” P.S., make sure you have a box of tissues handy!

  2. Sit, reflect, appreciate

    Take a quiet moment to pause and think deeply about the people in your life who make, or have made, life beautiful for you. Maybe jot those thoughts and names down in a journal. Then find ways in which you can express your appreciation for them, perhaps through a note, a phone call, a gift, or any other way. There’s no limit to the ways in which you can make someone feel special.

    Positive vibes all around

    When you think of beauty, there is no negative connotation that pops up. So it frees us to spread positivity all around as we look for ways to make life a little more beautiful for others around us. The best part is that it’s a win-win, as doing something for others inevitably makes us happier too.

    A beautiful message for everyone

    The message of National Making Life Beautiful Day transcends all other differences (cultural, ethnic, regional, religious, and so on) and unites us as fellow human beings. There are no barriers or limitations when it comes to adding beauty — the sky’s the limit!