Tuesday motivation, it’s on! Now, more than ever, we know that you need it. Together, the world is working through it all and we’re all working together. Chin up, we’re going to get through this.

The world is shifting in an unprecedented way, but we are shifting together. Monday motivation emphasises the keyword here, “unified,” with respect to the global effort underway to contain this thing. Governments, scientists and health organisations are collaborating like never before, coordinating efforts to bring some stability back to the world. Coronavirus is an equal opportunity pathogen. It doesn’t discriminate when it comes to race or socioeconomic status. Each of us is vulnerable to the potential risk for transmission and each of us has to manage our fear and anxiety through this challenging time.

How you feel is valid. Full stop. Tuesday motivation recognises the importance of this and it cannot be understated.

Most of us fear the unknown because we don’t know what we don’t know. And that’s scary for a lot of us. Being afraid heightens our anxiety; confusion compounds it. So how can we best manage our fear and anxiety during troubled times? First, take heart knowing that we are all in this together. Being kind to ourselves and one another is essential to our well being. And we will find peace. This is Monday motivation – we can do anything!

Tuesday motivation tips to manage fear and anxiety during troubled times

Get fresh air

Options for walking may be limited in your environment and it is essential that you abide by the regulations governing your neighbourhood. So, open your window, step onto your balcony or go outside if you can. Allow the sunshine to warm your face and put a spring in your step.

Reduce your screen time on social media and news platforms

Tuesday motivation is not advocating cutting yourself off from the world. In times like these, we need to lean on friends and family. In this era of social distancing, we just have to do it in a virtual way. Today’s video conferencing options bring your loved ones and connections into your environment.

However, the incessant news coverage and commentary on social media regarding this pandemic need to be consumed in limited doses.

Be kind

Understand that tensions are going to escalate with people confined to a limited space day after day. Financial pressures related to loss of income are going to be challenging to work through despite the increasing number of contingency plans that employers and governments are initiating. The stock markets are volatile. Healthcare workers are going to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the unexpected burden that has been placed upon them. We are all in this together and it’s going to be bumpy, but, if we’re kind to each other, we’ll see that the world is more united than we thought.