As much as we love a good salon visit, wigs have helped so many women and men alike around the world with thinning hair, hair-loss and the list goes on. Survey results have shown that these are the few reasons why men and woman love to wear wigs:

  • Wigs disguise thinning hair – Many women and men suffer from hair-loss all over the world, which leads to extreme stress, anxiety and depression. Here is where a wig helps. A new look can make us feel confident. When we lose our hair, it can feel like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. Wigs and extensions cover up the evidence that hair loss leaves behind so that you can feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.


  • Wigs allow you to change your style daily  – If you’re non-committal about your style or like changing things up, wigs are the way to go. Wigs let you try out as many new styles as you want, whenever you want, without damaging your natural hair. Relaxing and curling treatments, dye jobs, blowouts – all of these cause damage to your hair


  • Wigs save you money – We know very well that wigs are expensive but they only really need to be replaced within 1 year to 3 years depending on the quality of the hair and maintenance thereof. Frequent visits to the salon can be quite expensive over time. Also purchasing shampoo, conditioner and other products can be quite pricey too.


Remy Human Hair Wigs 

Remy human hair wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs and the best wigs overall. You can style it, cut, curl, straighten or dye it. What distinguishes this type of wig from regular human hair wigs is the cuticle layer is still intact. What’s the cuticle layer? It’s the outer layer of each hair strand. The root and tip are in the same direction so that the cuticle doesn’t matte or tangle. It’s smoother, healthier and shinier than non-Remy human hair wigs.

Human Hair Wigs 

Human hair wigs are as real and authentic looking as they come because they’re made from natural hair. The wig advancements for these types of wigs is amazing. While human hair wigs are more expensive than wigs made of synthetic hair. If you’re wondering where they get the hair for these wigs, the answer is simple: the hair comes from all over the world, including Europe, China, Africa, and many other countries.

The price you pay for these types of wigs depends on the quality of the hair itself so the prices can vary greatly across the different wigs available. If you’re considering purchasing a wig made of real human hair, it is recommended that you research the different types of human hair first because this is the best way to ensure you get the wig that works best for you.

Not surprisingly, wigs made out of synthetic hair called synthetic wig are a lot less expensive than those made with real human hair but these wigs are made much better nowadays and can still provide a very realistic, attractive look.

For the most part, however, synthetic hair wigs usually don’t last very long and are not good for those people who use a lot of styling tools on them even though there are “heat safe” types of synthetic hair wigs. Often, a wig made out of synthetic hair consists of many different types of hair and you can treat it just the same as you would a wig made of human hair.

Wigs made out of synthetic hair usually work best for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money, prefer short- to mid-length hair, don’t need or want much styling or care for the wig, and intend to use the wig only on a short-term basis. Synthetic wigs serve a good purpose but most people agree that for long-term use and for the most attractive look, wigs made out of real human hair are best.

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