Traditions for this day vary. No two (or more) best friends have the same traditions; it is unique to everyone. The shenanigans that best friends get up to are enjoyed and shared only between them, which include memorable adventures, fun gatherings, and even inside jokes. These traditions are relived on National Best Friends Day.

There are low-key common traditions — just hanging out and chilling at home watching movies with friends, or going to the mall or your favourite restaurant  together!



  1. Reach out to your best friend! Take out 30 minutes  out of your day to catch up with your best friend. Schedule a time to meet up, FaceTime, or talk on the phone, and update that person on all the happenings of your life. Trust us—they want to hear all about it!

  2. Plan a gift for your best friend! Purchase and send a gift to your favourite side kick. After all those long phone calls, wild nights out, and crazy exes, your person deserves a treat! We recommend a gift certificate to a spa.

  3. Remember the good times! Reminisce on good memories. Look through your old photos, read that tattered journal, and show your findings to your best friend. Remembering what you’ve been through together will inevitably remind you just how grateful you are for your relationship.



  1. They’re the family we choose

    Inevitably, our relatives’ expectations and judgements will wear us thin. Luckily, best friends are always there to lighten the mood. Since we get to choose who our best friends are, they’re usually compatible with our personalities and interests. They understand us, respect us and, best of all, they know when to give us space.

  2. They understand us

    Naturally, many of our best friends have something important in common with us. Whether they’re navigating the same life stages, working in the same career field, or avidly interested in the same hobby, best friends simply understand us better than anyone else.