We love dogs. Just about all of us do. Big dogs, small dogs, funny looking dogs, fluffy dogs, all of them are loveable dogs!

If you were to ask a dog owner why they love their dogs so much, they’d probably tell you that they have a close and enduring bond with their dogs, they care about them on a deep level, and know their dogs care about them in return, offering company, love, and an undeniable loyalty.

dogs are always there for us. They are home waiting for us to arrive.  They always have time for us…always!  Whatever activity we are interested, they are interested too.  Whether it is a bike ride or hanging out with an owner that has the flu, your dog is up for the adventure. They are enthusiastic, giving and loving.  They are dependent on us their entire lives. We must feed and take care of our dog, this builds a massive bond.

We know that, thousands of years ago, our ancestors likely kept some wolves around. They may have captured them young, domesticated them and found that they were useful for hunting.

Gradually they became tamer companions and evolved into dogs. This could have been as early as 27,000 years ago. Ever since, humans have had dogs around, and keeping a pet has become a common part of many cultures.

Dogs are loyal, they literally become your best friend. People who keep dogs live longer on average than those who do not. This is not some kind of pro-canine campaigning fantasy. It is a simple medical fact that the calming influence of the company of a friendly pet animal reduces blood pressure and therefore the risk of heart attack.