National Radio Day

  1. Promote your favourite station

    We all have a favourite radio station. You know, that one that just knows when you need to hear a sad song? That shares your exact political views? That telepathically plays the song you were JUST thinking about? Celebrate your station by giving them a boost on social media with the hashtag #NationalRadioDay. Last year, more than 200,000 tweets with that hashtag were sent out, and organisers are hoping to beat their record!

  2. Pick up a personal radio

    Need a project? Pick up a fixer-upper radio from an antique or thrift store, and try your hand at getting it singing again. The work can be satisfying and you’ll learn a lot more about the science behind the radio!

Why do we love Radio Day so much?

  1. It was life-changing technology

    Radio globally changed the way people interacted with the news, the government, and each other. From news anchors to various conversations that kept the nation going through rough times, radio has filled key gaps and done a lot of social good. Not to mention, it’s frequently used by the government to keep our country safe and for navigation! Radio has undeniably made its mark in the world.

  2. It keeps your drives interesting

    We all know radio is not only what keeps you awake on a long road trip, but also what keeps you interested, learning new things, or singing along. We love radio because it helps us perfect our voices when we’re belting it out on the commute!

  3. It’s where you heard your favourite song

    Whether it was old skool or current music, everyone has felt that pause when a great beat comes on the radio, and you just know it’s about to be your favourite song!