April Fools’ Day on April 1 is a day where many of us unleash our most creative sides, all in a hilarious – sometimes over the top – attempt at bamboozling those around us.

In modern times, prank videos have become a category of their own on video hosting platforms. So, naturally, April Fools’ Day pranks have become quite elaborate in recent years. Small businesses, large corporations, and TV networks have also started to participate in this annual tradition, advertising and promoting fictitious claims to fool their audiences. The mild-mannered trickster always has the classic switching-of-sugar-with-salt gag up their sleeve.


  1. It’s an excuse to act a fool

    It’s not every day you can play tricks on those around you and have a national excuse to get away with it! April Fools’ Day is a chance for some – hopefully harmless – fun, and a great opportunity to show your creative side while getting a few laughs at the same time.

  2. It gives us something to do in that no-man’s land between winter and spring

    With spring sprung just a few weeks before, the weather is warming up and all that vitamin D can jumpstart your creativity in time for prank day. Go find a patio with some friends, and – responsibly – plot your targets!

  3. Groups can get in on the fun

    More minds are better than one! Gather up a team at the office, or choose sides at home. Your pranks will be more creative with more people working towards it. Just, remember that this leaves more people to keep the secret and not get busted!

[credit: nationaltoday.com]