Do you let your guests pay when you have an event? Or do you pay for your guest? Teenagers usually split the bill when taking out someone for their birthday but is it acceptable as an adult to request for your guests to pay for their meals when you are the one who invited them? Small social ques that nobody wants to talk about when going out or having an event but needs to be discussed.

First things first, you need to establish what kind of gathering you will be inviting your guests to. Is it a:

  1. Dinner party
  2. Night at the pub
  3. Family event

Based on what you have chosen think about your budget and what you will be serving. Consider your guest list. How many people can you cater for? These are all the things to consider when asking your guests to pull out or put away the cash.

Inviting people to a family event would normally means that you and the family are willing to get the check. If you can’t pay for all your guests, maybe reduce the guest list. Close friends and family only. As many as what you can afford, don’t stretch the budget across oceans. Ask the restaurant maybe for a sweet discount. If all else fails, have a tea party and invite all your friends and family.

When you do want your guests to pay you should notify your guest. There is nothing more socially awkward then wondering whether the person will pay or not. Having to dance around the idea with your guests. Be honest. Perhaps offer to pay for a portion of their bill.