From ‘back to school’ shopping, rent and debit orders, the festive season overspending always comes back to haunt us.

Over the festive season many South Africans were caught up in the spirit of buying Christmas presents, travelling home, heading off to holiday destinations, partying or simply just enjoying the December vibe.

The festive season overspending leaves many in a tight corner as the ‘Januworry’ responsibilities pile up.

Some tipsĀ for living through what seems to be the longest month included cutting down on takeaways, alcohol, entertainment and unnecessary shopping trips.

Irma G asked a couple of listeners for a few tips to share:

  • Stock your fridge in December and travel, visit family and friends. Come back in January after the holidays.
  • If you have money just act broke. Can’t afford to borrow people money whom you’ll end up chasing
  • Try foods you haven’t eaten before, like rice and jam, water with cereal, bathroom spray as body spray have the same effect.
  • Sell some of your valuables at cash converters or cash crusaders and buy them back in February