There are plenty (and we do mean plenty) of practical ways to save money and breathe some fresh air into your budget.

With a few tweaks to your spending, you’ll be on the fast track to saving money in no time.

Cancel automatic subscriptions and memberships.

Chances are, you’re paying for multiple subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, gym memberships, or other subscriptions. It’s time to cancel any subscriptions you don’t use on the regular.

Cut down on groceries.

Most people—after they do a budget—are shocked to find out how much they’re actually spending at the grocery store each month. It’s so easy to walk through those aisles, grabbing a bag of Oreos here and a few bags of chips there, and then top it off with the fun goodies at the register. Put a stop to it, you’ll save a-lot more money.

Save money automatically.

Did you know that you can save money without thinking about it? Set up your bank account to automatically transfer funds from your checking account into a savings account every month.

Pack lunch at home

Buying lunch a few times a week may seem harmless in the moment (especially when your favourite restaurant is walking distance from your office), but you can save quite a bit of money just by packing a lunch!

Lower your cell phone bill.

If your monthly cell phone bill competes with your monthly grocery budget, it’s time to find ways to cut back. It might require a little persistence and research, but the savings are worth it.

Say goodbye to debt.

Monthly debt payments are the biggest money suck when it comes to saving. Debt robs you of your income! So, it’s about time you get rid of that debt. Pay off your debt as fast as you can, pay forward anything extra because it will help reach your goal faster. Once your income is freed up, you can finally use it to make progress toward your savings goals.