Tie-dye was once the stuff of elementary school arts and crafts—DIY gifts bestowed upon parents and grandparents on special occasions. Now, it’s become a full-blown 2019 trend; tie-dye has officially been elevated to high-fashion status. Runway models are strutting their best tie-dyed poses on platforms all around the world. Its on every high fashioned designer’s lips…

Where tie-dye clothes from years past evoke images of the ’60s and ’70s, contemporary tie-dye clothes feel crisp and edgy. Once-distinct shades haven’t blended together to form striking new tones; they’re starkly separate, acting more as a print than a fusion of color.

The result is a trend that feels clean but organic, bohemian but tailored, nostalgic but contemporary. Though this 2019 fashion trend is just getting started, it’s already trickled into some of your go-to fast-fashion retailers.

Instead of shopping for stripes and florals for Spring, be bold and be a part of the trend – TIE-DYE is way cooler!

Gabriele Colangelo RTW Spring 2019