Level 3 restrictions do allow the sale of booze, but only at limited hours, but only for certain areas that have very little cases of Covid-19. This could potentially happen towards the end of May. People would be allowed to purchase alcohol during a 12 hour period across 3 days. This will hopefully get rid of massive queuing or frustrated customers.

The Association has also come equipped with a plan to help ease the gathering of crowds once liquor stores can open their doors again:

  • On Monday and Wednesday of each week: Only customers with last names A to M will be permitted to purchase liquor.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday of each week: Only customers with last names N to Z will be permitted to purchase liquor.
  • On the Friday and Saturday of each week: All customers will be permitted to purchase liquor
  • Every customer to present his or her ID for security to check. Additional security will be in place to check such IDs, control and allow access and manage queuing.
  • Full staff complement (excluding staff over 60 years old and those with Covid-19 comorbidities) to manage such initial surge in demand.
  • High-risk customers that our employees identify, or that identify themselves, will receive priority service.

LTASA conclude their proposals by setting out their ideal rules and regulations for alcohol sales, which will hopefully come into play during the transition to Level 3 at the end of May: Each transaction would be limited to a maximum of five items selected from the following categories:

  • Beer or ready-to-drink product (example cider) non-returnable: One tray (24 bottles/cans)
  • Beer or ready-to-drink product (example cider) returnable: One crate (12 bottles)
  • Still or sparkling wine: One box (6 bottles)
  • Boxed wine: One box
  • Spirits/liqueurs or fortified wine: One bottle
  • Any combination of items can be purchased, but no more than five items in total (being either five items from just one such category or one or more items from any or all of such categories provided that no more than five such items in total may be so purchased).
  • At lockdown Levels 2 and 1, pre-lockdown legislation will apply as per normal, lifting restrictions on alcohol purchases.