Western Cape health authorities are now almost certain that a third wave of Covid-19 infections is on its way.

This was revealed by Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete, during the weekly digital media briefing, on Wednesday.

Epidemiologists believe that this third surge in infections will hit the country around winter time, possibly beginning in May.

Scientists will continue to study the data to try pinpoint when exactly that surge can be expected to impact here.

The department says it has adapted its surveillance strategy ahead of this.

That includes the containment of infection outbreaks, and an accelerated vaccine rollout, if possible.

But Cloete said “Firstly, between now and the third wave will not have herd immunity, that means everybody who is vulnerable to the virus, would have been vaccinated. Secondly, we will not have herd immunity for full protection. The third wave is real.”

Cloete also warned that they’re worried that if people become lax now – the third wave could arrive earlier that anticipated.