“The publishers of Rooi Rose and numerous other once popular magazines today announced they would no longer be publishing those titles, barely a week after the publishers of Cosmopolitan and House & Leisure also said they were closing.”

“Caxton Magazines will no longer be publishing Bona, Country Life, Essentials, Food & Home, Garden & Home, People, Rooi Rose, Vrouekeur, Woman & Home, Your Family. Two of its titles not mentioned in the list of closures are Farmers Weekly and Living and Loving. The publishing house said it had begun a process of ending its publication of the magazines but was open to others taking over the titles.”

“Last week, Associated Magazines, publishers of Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure, Good Housekeeping and Women on Wheels, announced their closure.”

Here are a few comments from our listeners:

Shula Louw commented: Very sad as my sister is one of the ladies who lost their jobs due to the closure of Associated magazines. I personally will sorely miss the people’s magazine as it was an absolute favorite of mine. Praying for all the staff and families affected by closure.

Rosemary Thompson commented: I am a HUGE magazine lover. I spend in the region of about R600 every month on magazines…my guilty pleasure as i am not a smoker or drinker. I have noticed how thin the Argus has got as well…i am absolutely devastated that it has come to this…im a huge reader..love autobiographies..true life ‘happening’….it’s going to feel like my life has come to an end without a good magazine to read…and it is all the magazine’s i read that is disappearing

Jay Harry commented: Theres a lot here to consider. The closing of a media house has a domino effect on so many other fields. Think about Graphic Designers, Account Managers, DTP operators, most of these people are freelancers. Now let’s consider the print houses. Claxton already announced the closure of its Magazine section. How many people stand to loose their jobs here? Sigh!!!

Wendy Windell commented: Yes Aden it’s sad I remember back in the day when we got homework part of the task was getting/cutting out pictures for tasks and we cherished all these books.The were never thrown away.it also educated us taught us how to read also.yes everything is digital and fast paced these days but our kids have become lazy because of it.I still enjoy sitting or did with these mags feet up and relaxing just reading the good content.Truly sad for this industry and society 

riddick786 commented: My wife works for the company that distributes those magazines and she’s just been informed of the closure.