Women in white is a national fibroid-awareness campaign aimed at bringing women together in the fight against fibroids. Because periods and fibroids are often topics that are avoided due to stigma and embarrassment the campaign aims to bring this struggle into the open. The colour white symbolises the courage to overcome this debilitating condition and we stand in unity against the anxiety and dread linked to heavy, painful periods.

Wearing the colour white is a brave step to overcoming fibroids with available non-invasive treatments such as uterine fibroid embolization and setting free the strong women that fight these battles every day.

By wearing white, we symbolise overcoming your struggles and those many ladies who have avoided wearing white for years can now, will appropriate treatments step out into the world in white without fear or judgement!

The Women in White Campaigns are hosted all over South Africa to talk about this extremely common problem and how it affects women their families and even their relationships.