The Womandla Foundation will be hosting the second Women in STEAM Awards on 28 August 2021. Director of the NPO, the Womandla Foundation, Sam Gqomo, talks to #HeartBreakfast

The Awards shines a light on the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and advocacy for STEM and recognises excellence among those who strive to make a positive difference in their communities. This year we have included the ARTS industry in the categories, which demonstrates exceptional use of creative arts in the STEM fields.

“Part of bridging the gender disparity is us taking the opportunity to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics who against all odds are making outstanding contributions within their respective fields,” Says Rumbi Maisva, Head of STEAM at the Womandla Foundation. The Womandla Women in STEAM Award winners will be announced on the morning of 28 August 2021 at the virtual award ceremony.

Tickets are available on Quicket foundation-women-in-steam-awards/#/

This year, the awards will take on a hybrid approach and will take place in Cape Town and online.

About Womandla Foundation:

Womandla Foundation is a non-profit company that seeks to bridge the gender gap by upskilling and training African women so they can further their own economic development and make bigger contributions to society. The general objective of Womandla is to celebrate and empower women in Africa and around the globe. Womandla collaborates with other organizations to promote social innovation, public education, community enrichment, and transformation. We are committed to providing sustainable, relevant programs in all spheres within the technologies, media, skills development, mentorship, and every sector-based to empower young girls to live out their destiny.

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