For anyone who doesn’t know, natural hair is defined by Urban Dictionary as “…When your hair is in the state that you were born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.” Many ways they go about it involves the methods previously mentioned and also wearing wigs, weaves, and any other alterations of the hair. As someone who has curly hair and has been asked “are you really gonna go out with your hair like that?” many times, the natural hair movement has been a godsend. The curly hair community is a magical place that has so many tips, tricks, and products that help enhance the already beautiful texture of natural hair. It’s a place to uplift women and their hair.

So just like anything else, the movement adapted to include other women and instead of being a natural hair movement it has become a curly hair movement. That includes many different types of textures, hairs, and colors.

This morning we had many women in studio with the Breakfast Team, these women started the ‘Natural Festival’ in Cape Town, and is growing from strength to strength. If you missed the live studio audience, have a listen to the podcast