Gérard Labuschagne. – clinical psychologist specialising in forensic and investigative psychology, and workplace threats. Has worked on over 300 serial murder and rape cases, included the recent Oscar Pistorius investigation. For greater context to this particular conversation on Heart Breakfast, Gérard was the Section Head of the Investigative Psychology Section (IPS).

The IPS is responsible for assisting the South African Police Service (SAPS) with investigations of psychologically motivated crimes such as serial sex offences, murders, and stalking. The Section is also the only unit with a mandate to compile offender profiles for SAPS. The IPS is the South African Police Services’ equivalent of the Behavioral Analysis Units of the FBI.

Today marks the 25th year since the arrest of the notorious station strangler, Norman Simons, and Heart Breakfast took a fresh look at the case, 25 years on.

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