The roll-out of phase one of the Covid-19 vaccine program in the province will resume on Wednesday, the 28th of April.

Technically, it’s the continuation of the Sisonke trial of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

That trial was paused over health concerns related to the vaccine triggering potentially fatal blood clots.

The risk of that occurring has now been determined to be acceptably low.

In the United States, there’ve been 15 cases among 8 million recipients.

All of the cases were in women, and the highest risk is among women aged 30 to 39.

As a result, healthcare workers here will now be expected to sign a new consent form that specifically mentions this risk.

The provincial government health department’s Marike Champion said, “Health workers who have already registered on the EVD system will receive an SMS with instructions to complete the updated consent form. Those with existing vouchers will also need to complete the updated consent form after which they will receive new vaccination vouchers”.