The Plett Rage festival for matrics should never have been cancelled.

That’s the view of Greg Walsh, who describes himself as a founder, organiser, and major shareholder of the Ballito and Plett Rage Festivals.

In a video he posted on his own YouTube channel, Walsh lashes out at the media for creating panic.

He accuses the media of manufacturing a story to generate traction online for financial gain.

Walsh also referred to the Ballito Rage event being cancelled, saying the 36 positive tests there represented just a four percent positivity rate when the country had a 15% rate.

At the time that it was cancelled, the organisers said it was because they take the safety of all our customers, staff and suppliers extremely seriously.

But in the video, he claims senior politicians – who believed the event was the safest way for matrics to party – caved to media pressure, and made them cancel.

Walsh says it’s media’s lowest point in its commitment to the truth.

“It was something extraordinary to listen to media lie, spread panic and hysteria and call on politicians and parents for us to cancel. Just to continue to say things that weren’t true”.