Preamble: Cycling is one of the fastest growing leisure and sport activities alongside running in South Africa. The sport has become more diverse and during the earlier days of lockdown cycling shops reported a drastic increase in sales. If we look at it from another perspective, you as a non-cyclist might say, “so what?” This past week we’ve heard of many accidents, even fatal ones in our traffic reports. The obvious culprit is endangerment of other road users because of reckless and selfish driving attitudes. We need to raise the awareness and be more mindful when sharing the roadways.

Just over a week ago, drunk’ Porsche driver caused the death of Famous Brands executive, Andre Piehl. died on the scene while training near Lanseria on Saturday morning. Piehl, a cyclist and SA champion triathlete, was riding with his friend Je’an Francois du Preez, who was airlifted to hospital in critical condition following the incident.
We’re joined on the show by CEO of the PPA, Neil Robinson, to tells more about tomorrow initiative that will kick start the campaign called Cycling Lives Matter.