South Africa has high, and rising, rates of mental health disorders set against the backdrop of a scarce mental health services infrastructure.  There’s a significant mental health equity gap, with only a small portion of sufferers able to afford the available care which is concentrated in the private sector.  It is estimated that 80% of the country’s psychologists work in the private sector.  Yet, the need for quality mental health services is widespread and intense in low income communities where high rates of poverty and unemployment; crime and violence; domestic abuse and addiction take an immense toll on people’s mental well-being.  At community public health level there is dire lack of mental health services, and experts have described mental healthcare as the ‘orphan’ when it comes to Government’s provision of services. 

Kentse primarily focusses on conceptualising and managing programmes and initiatives that focus on reducing the current mental health treatment gap in South Africa and creating awareness about the mental health care in South Africa. Radebe manages the programmes and initiatives that fall under the SACAP Foundation.

  • Mental health awareness in SA and the stigma around it
  • The Counselling Hub and what its doing to make mental health services more accessible to Capetonians (I’ve attached the media release here for easy access)

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