The other morning we were reminiscing about growing up still knowing what a milkman was and the fresh deliveries we used to received to our doorsteps. 

We then heard about a Stellenbosch student, who in his second year of studying Bcom Entrepreneurship started a micro business delivering fresh milk from farm to doorstep. The business concept was incubated at the university’s Launch Lab about a year and a half ago. It employs the services of 8 milkmen currently, servicing the Stellenbosch and Somerset West. 

When you log onto their website,, you’ll read the following; “Most students aspire to be a lawyer or doctor, but not me. I rather wanted to bring a little bit of goodness from the past and become the Modern Milkman. I made it my mission to make sure families get the best farm fresh staple products. From bread so fresh it needs to be cut at home, to milk that can still give kids a “moustache” when they drink it.”

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